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Are you looking for Paso Robles wedding venues that combine rustic charm and modern elegance? Nestled just 35 miles from the scenic town of Paso Robles, The Penny in San Luis Obispo offers the perfect setting for your special day. With its unique blend of industrial chic and outdoor allure, this venue provides a stunning backdrop for weddings, blending seamlessly into the picturesque landscape of California’s wine country. Whether you’re envisioning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, The Penny offers an idyllic space to create unforgettable memories.

Address: 664 Marsh St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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Discovering Paso Robles’ Hidden Gem: The Penny

Step into the heart of San Luis Obispo’s vibrant downtown and discover The Penny. This captivating venue beckons with its distinctive charm, offering an expansive open floor plan that seamlessly blends industrial chic with the allure of a charming outdoor courtyard.

The Penny is your one-stop shop for an unforgettable wedding experience. Imagine saying “I do” bathed in natural light, or celebrating under the stars in the courtyard. Their unparalleled flexibility caters to a wide range of occasions, from weddings and receptions to corporate events, photo shoots, and workshops. Whether you choose a venue-only rental or an all-inclusive package, The Penny ensures your event reflects your unique vision.

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Architectural Splendor and Natural Elegance

The Penny stands proudly as a beacon of architectural splendor juxtaposed against the natural elegance that Paso Robles has to offer. Its refurbishments have meticulously preserved the building’s character, with the original stonework and timber framing offering a stunning contrast to the surrounding landscapes. The venue effortlessly blends the indoors with the outdoors, featuring panoramic windows that frame views of the vineyards and valleys, inviting the breathtaking scenery to be a part of your celebration. Whether you’re basking in the sunlight or under the stars, the synergy between the venue’s historic architecture and the sprawling natural beauty creates a truly magical setting.

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Capacity and Facilities: Tailored For Every Romantic Affair

One of the most endearing aspects of The Penny is its versatility in accommodating weddings of various sizes and styles. It is a venue that feels intimate enough for smaller, more personal gatherings but can also scale to host larger celebrations without losing its inherent charm. Facilities at The Penny are thoughtfully designed – from a ceremony space that captures the essence of Paso Robles, to a reception area equipped with modern amenities for dining and dancing. For couples who dream of an outdoor ceremony, they’ll find the terraced areas ideal, with landscaped gardens that provide a serene setting for exchanging vows.

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Personalizing Your Space: Decor and Theme Flexibility

We treasure your freedom to make our space your own on your wedding day, and The Penny’s versatile environment lets your imaginations run wild. Its neutral yet distinctive palette acts as a canvas for all types of wedding themes, from rustic elegance to contemporary chic. You can drape the walls with soft fabrics for a whimsical touch, or let the raw beauty of the exposed beams and brick set a more urban, industrial tone. The Penny’s accommodating nature welcomes personalized decor that reflects your style and story. Whether you’re envisioning lush floral arrangements or minimalist designs, the space becomes a reflection of the unique bond we are celebrating.

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Comprehensive Services to Ease the Big Day Jitters

When the big day arrives, it’s all about the moments we’ll cherish forever, and The Penny offers comprehensive services to ensure every detail is handled with precision and care. Their dedicated team assists with set up and clean up, so you can focus on enjoying the anticipation rather than fretting over logistics. We provide the essentials – tables, chairs, linens, silverware, and glassware – and even include striking candelabras that add a touch of romance to the setting. For those finer details, a day-of coordinator is on hand to make sure everything flows seamlessly. With these inclusive offerings, plus a large parking lot for guests and a designated dressing area for the bridal party, jitters are replaced with pure jubilation.

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Compare and Contrast: The Penny Vs. Other Paso Robles Venues

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What Sets The Penny Apart?

What truly sets The Penny apart from other Paso Robles venues is its soulful blend of history, character, and adaptability. The venue doesn’t merely host weddings; it adds to its story with its rich past and thoughtfully preserved features. Its locale in downtown San Luis Obispo places guests at the heart of the city’s vibrant scene, adding an extra layer of excitement and convenience to the event. The flexibility in decor and layout means no two weddings are alike, and each couple can leave their unique imprint on the space. Moreover, the comprehensive, personalized service ensures that every detail is a reflection of your distinct taste, allowing the love story to be the centerpiece of the day.

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Testimonials From Newlyweds

Reviewed by Jazmine W.

We got married at The Penny in November 2023 – we planned our wedding in 6 months and Lauren and her team were stellar. I appreciated how much I could lean on them for the design/aesthetics of the day and didn’t need to coordinate decor rentals since they have so many items in-house. Lauren’s team took care of every contract, and timeline, and set up everything. Her team is detailed, kind, and on top of everything. In general, The Penny is a great location and a really lovely venue. We had 70 people at our wedding, and the size of the space felt just right. I would highly recommend The Penny – not just for weddings, but for any event!

Reviewed by Marissa G.

The Penny was the perfect venue for our wedding with about 100 guests. The team was incredible and enthusiastic to work with and did SO much to make the entire process easy for us. This is the perfect wedding venue if you want to have a walkable downtown area and plan a nearby after-party! The team put so much into making all the decor and setup for the day flawless. I would highly recommend utilizing their month-of-coordinator option too.

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Photo Inspiration From Past Ceremonies

There’s nothing quite like visual stories to spark your wedding day dreams, and The Penny provides a gallery of past ceremonies that is sure to inspire. Ranked among the best wedding venues, its photos showcase the venue’s versatility – from ceremonies set against the industrial chic backdrop to receptions illuminated by twinkling lights that dance across the brickwork. Each image is a testament to the personal style of the couples who have celebrated there, whether it’s through the elegance of their tablescapes or the playful touches in their choice of decor. You can browse through these real-life fairytales and envisage your own, knowing that the canvas of The Penny can portray whatever your hearts desire.

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FAQs: Planning at The Penny

What are the rental options and pricing at The Penny?

The Penny offers a range of wedding packages to cater to different needs and visions. From full-day to half-day rentals and venue-only to all-inclusive, you can select the package that best aligns with your wedding day timeline. Pricing is tiered to match the level of access and service you require, with rates typically falling between moderate to upscale cost ($$ – $$$), ensuring options for different budgets. You’re encouraged to reach out directly to The Penny for a tailored quote, as pricing may vary by season and the specific requirements of your celebration. With its transparent and flexible approach to rentals and costs, The Penny helps you find the perfect balance for your unforgettable day.

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How far in advance should I book The Penny?

To ensure The Penny is yours for your special day, we should plan to book well in advance. Typically, securing the venue at least 12 to 18 months ahead of time is recommended, especially during peak wedding seasons. This lead time not only guarantees that our desired date is available but also gives us ample opportunity to work closely with The Penny’s team to refine every detail to perfection. For those with more flexibility or considering an off-season wedding, shorter notice may be accommodated. It’s always best to reach out as soon as possible to discuss dates and secure that coveted spot on The Penny’s calendar.

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Are there any other wedding venues near Paso Robles California?

Yes, there are vineyard and hotel wedding venues like Paso Robles Inn, The Park Ballroom, Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Cass Winery, Rava Wines, Calipaso Winery, Mission Springs Barn, Veneto Ballroom, Flying Caballos Ranch, and Santa Margarita Ranch.

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Why do couples choose Paso Robles wedding venues?

Nestled in the heart of California’s wine country, Paso Robles enchants us with its blend of rustic charm and romantic vistas. Opting for this location means weddings are graced by vineyard sunsets, rolling hills, and a touch of the region’s laid-back yet sophisticated style. It’s where we find our celebrations infused with the vibrancy of local wine culture and the warmth of a community that adorns every moment with a special touch.

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What are some places and attractions near your downtown event venues?

  • Downtown Paso Robles
  • Cayucos
  • Parrish Family Vineyard
  • San Luis Obispo County
  • Terra Mia Winery
  • Cayucos Beach

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What factors should I consider when choosing a venue?

When choosing a wedding venue, especially for a destination wedding, several important factors need to be considered to ensure it aligns with your vision, needs, and budget. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • Accessibility: Ensure the venue is easily accessible for all guests, considering travel time and transportation options.
  • Proximity to Accommodations: Check for nearby hotels or lodging for out-of-town guests.
  • Setting: Choose a location that complements your wedding theme, whether it’s urban, rural, beachside, or mountainous.
  • Guest List: Confirm the venue can comfortably accommodate your estimated number of guests.
  • Layout: Ensure the space supports your planned activities, such as the ceremony, reception, and dance floor.
  • Cost: Verify that the venue fits within your overall budget, including any additional fees for services or rentals.
  • Inclusions: Understand what is included in the venue price (e.g., tables, chairs, linens, catering).
  • On-Site Coordination: See if the venue provides an on-site coordinator to assist with planning and execution.
  • Catering Options: Check if the venue offers in-house catering or if you need to hire an external caterer.
  • Bar Services: Confirm if the venue provides bar services and the available packages.
  • Aesthetic: Ensure the venue matches your wedding theme and personal style.
  • Decor Flexibility: Check how much you can personalize the space with your decorations.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Options: Consider if the venue has both indoor and outdoor spaces in case of inclement weather.
  • Climate Control: Ensure the venue has heating or air conditioning, depending on the season.
  • Parking: Confirm there is ample parking for guests or valet services available.
  • Accessibility: Ensure the venue is ADA-compliant and accessible for all guests.
  • Restrooms: Verify there are enough restrooms for the number of guests and that they are easily accessible.
  • Noise Ordinances: Check for any noise restrictions, especially if you plan to have live music or a DJ.
  • Vendor Policies: Understand if the venue has preferred vendors or if you can bring your own.
  • Alcohol Policies: Be aware of any restrictions on serving alcohol.
  • Feedback: Read reviews and testimonials from other couples who have used the venue.
  • Walkthroughs: Schedule a visit to the venue to see the space in person and visualize your event there.
  • Meet Staff: Meet with the venue staff to ask questions and gauge their responsiveness and professionalism.
  • Date Availability: Check if the venue is available on your desired date.
  • Backup Plan: Ensure the venue has a backup plan for bad weather if you’re planning an outdoor event.
  • Lighting and Sound: Check the venue’s lighting and sound options to ensure they meet your requirements.
  • Insurance: Verify if the venue requires event insurance and what it covers.

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How are ranch weddings different from vineyard weddings?

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Ranch Weddings

Vineyard Weddings


Rustic charm with barns, fields, farm animals, and natural features like ponds and streams. The decor includes wooden accents and wildflowers.

Elegant and refined, with lush grapevines, manicured landscapes, and sophisticated decor elements like wine barrels and floral arrangements.


Rural areas with expansive land, offer both indoor and outdoor options.

Situated in wine-producing regions, with outdoor ceremonies among the vines and receptions in elegant indoor spaces.


Casual, fun activities like hayrides, horseback riding, and lawn games.

Wine tastings, winery tours, and a focus on culinary experiences.


Comfort foods are served in casual setups like a buffet or family-style meals.

Gourmet cuisine with an emphasis on wine pairings is typically served in formal dining settings.


Casual to semi-formal attire, emphasizing comfort.

Semi-formal to formal attire, emphasizing elegance.


Versatile with indoor and outdoor options, accommodating varying weather conditions.

Best during seasons when vines are lush and the weather is pleasant, often requiring contingency plans for outdoor events.

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What is the best season to plan a wedding in California?

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Average Temperature (°F)

Precipitation (inches)

Best Wedding Time




Ideal for outdoor weddings with blooming flowers and mild weather.




Perfect for beach and waterfront weddings; warm weather with minimal rain.




Great for scenic vineyard or garden weddings with pleasant temperatures.




Best for indoor venues; enjoy off-peak rates and holiday themes.

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For those seeking a wedding venue that blends rustic charm with modern elegance, Paso Robles offers an array of exceptional options. The Penny, located in downtown San Luis Obispo, provides a unique and enchanting setting for your special day. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, Paso Robles’ stunning venues ensure your wedding will be both memorable and breathtaking. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and to schedule a tour. Take the first step toward creating the wedding of your dreams in the heart of the Central Coast.

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